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Onsite liquid storage solutions

There are many different types of liquid storage solutions.  Onsite liquid storage solutions can include Adblue, heating oil or water.

The need to have an area large enough to house the storage solutions is of paramount importance.  Do you need to hold more than one type of liquid in a storage solution?  Multi-compartment tanks can save you space and this is ideal if you are limited for room.  The tank will provide an instant refilling point for machinery, saving on having to drive to a petrol station to refuel.  The time you save on refuelling and the fuel cost saving can really add up.

Water Storage

Water storage for various businesses is a real requirement.  This can be done through  rainwater harvesting in a holding tank.  Also if you have water piped into a tank it can give you access to large quantities for agricultural use.

Using an organisation like Tuffa UK to manufacture your storage solutions has a few distinct advantages:-

  • Firstly we will look at bespoke requirements and see if we can accommodate your specific needs
  • Also we have a wide spectrum of standard sizes – anything from 1350 litres up to 20000 litres
  • In addition you may require a 30 or 60 minute fire protection on relevant tanks
  • We offer both plastic and steel storage solutions
  • You could have a bunded or multi-compartment solution
  • Anti –corrosion
  • UV stabilised tanks

We put you, the customer, first and really want to provide the best solution for you.  We have optional extras that can be added to your order such as lockable fill cap and chain and higher accuracy fuel gauges. Whatever your liquid storage requirements here at Tuffa, we will endeavour to help.  In addition to the above we can help with waste oil storage, molasses and produce options in plastic and steel.

For further information please telephone 01889 567700, email sales@tuffa.co.uk or fill in this form and we will get back to you.

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