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Fire Rated Oil Tanks

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Tuffa UK Limited is dedicated to providing our customers with a vast range of fire rated storage tanks. Following much investment and continual Research & Development, we are extremely proud of our certifications in fire protected storage tanks.

Our fire rated oil tanks are much easier for installers, as the assessment has approved the product to comply with building regulations, and they have been tried and tested in a growing market for more than 10 years. When a tank replacement is undertaken and the new installation requires fire protection measures, by fitting the FireStop bunded tank it allows the tank to remain in the same position. This means a tank relocation is not required to a position potentially unacceptable, and the physical restraints encountered by the installing engineer are relaxed. This is, more often than not, more acceptable to the customer too.

Tuffa FireStop, the oil storage tank with fitted fire barrier, has received national LABC (Local Authority Building Control) system approval on its Fire Protected tanks for both domestic and non-domestic applications.

An estimated 60% of tanks installed are non-compliant with building regulations, so our fire rated storage tanks are the ideal solution.

The Tuffa FireStop is designed with a 'fire barrier' to protect oil tanks where fire protection is necessary. The fire barrier is constructed from high quality fire retardant material, with the following achievements:

Independently tested to BS476: Part 22: 1987 
Independently tested to BS476 (Warrington Fire Research Centre) 
Meets Section J 5.4 of Building Regulations, Table 5.1 for Fire Protection for Oil Storage Tanks 
LABC (Local Authority Building Control) system approval

Tuffa fire protected tanks can be specified to obtain a satisfactory degree of safety in the advent of a spreading fire, as required by Building Regulations. At Tuffa UK, we achieve this requirement by protecting the fuel contents using the appropriate methodology as described in BS5410; Tuffa UK does not achieve this by just a single means, but via the double approach of providing an actual physical fire barrier and, by the complete enclosure of our tank in a non-combustible fire resistance construction.

The FireStop is also the only system on the market that fits integrally onto our plastic tanks and it can also be factory fitted to a steel tank. It uses a simple method that requires no brickwork, barriers or firewalls to be erected on site, making sure there are no delays in installing the tank or added site costs.

Please browse the Tuffa® Fire Protected Tank range below, available with either 30 minute or 60 minute fire protection:

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1350 Fire Protected Oil Tank  

Tuffa 1350SLBFP

  • Plastic Bunded Fire Protected Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 1150 litres approx.
  • Length: 2680mm
  • Width: 870mm
  • Height: 1665mm
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1400 Fire protected oil tank  

Tuffa 1400VBFP

  • Plastic Bunded Fire Protected Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 1200 litres approx.
  • Height: 1740mm
  • Diameter: 1585mm
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2500 fire protected oil tank  

Tuffa 2500HBFP

  • Plastic Bunded Fire Protected Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 2300 litres approx.
  • Length: 2840mm
  • Width: 1520mm
  • Height: 1630mm
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Tuffa 3500VBFP  

Tuffa 3500VBFP

  • Plastic Bunded Fire Protected Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 3500 litres / 770 gallons
  • Height: 2520mm
  • Diameter: 2034mm
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6000 litre fire protected oil tank  

Tuffa 6000VBFP

  • Plastic Bunded Fire Protected Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 6000 litres / 1300 gallons
  • Height: 2610mm
  • Diameter: 2580mm
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10000 litre fire protected oil tank  

Tuffa 10000VBFP

  • Plastic Bunded Fire Protected Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 10000 litres / 2200 gallons
  • Height: 2600mm
  • Diameter: 2890mm
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15000 litre fire protected oil tank  

Tuffa 15000VBFP

  • Plastic Bunded Fire Protected Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 15000 litres / 3300 gallons
  • Height: 3500mm
  • Diameter: 2860mm
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Tuffa FireStop Fire Protected Oil Tanks

Tuffa FireStop - More Information

  • Want to know more about the Tuffa FireStop?

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Further Information

Our FireStop bunded tank can be manufactured to fit any capacity tank and can range from 30 minutes and 60 minutes protection making it suitable for domestic, industrial and commercial applications.

UK Patent GB2415460B

Please visit www.competentplumber.co.uk or www.aphc.co.uk for assistance regarding installation, and more.

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Fire Test: A shortened video of a Fire Test is available to view on YouTube,  "Tuffa UK Ltd Fire Test"

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