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Bunded Heating Oil Tanks

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Heating Oil Tanks - Leaflet. 

The Tuffa® Bunded Oil Tank range consists of solutions in various sizes, including 1350L, 1400L, 2500L, 3500L, 6000L, 10000L, 15000L, and interlinking up to 100,000 litres.

Browse Tuffa’s collection, below:

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Tuffa 1350SLB

Tuffa 1350SLB

  • Plastic Bunded Heating Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 1350 litres / 300 gallons
  • Length: 2680mm
  • Width: 870mm
  • Height: 1665mm
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Tuffa 1400VB

Tuffa 1400VB

  • Plastic Bunded Heating Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 1400 litres / 300 gallons
  • Height: 1740mm
  • Diameter: 1585mm
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2500 litre bunded oil tank

Tuffa 2500HB

  • Plastic Bunded Heating Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 2500 litres / 550 gallons
  • Length: 2840mm
  • Width: 1520mm
  • Height: 1630mm
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3500 litre  oil tank

Tuffa 3500VB

  • Plastic Bunded Heating Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 3500 litres / 770 gallons
  • Height: 2500mm
  • Diameter: 2000mm
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6000 litre bunded oil tank

Tuffa 6000VB

  • Plastic Bunded Heating Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 6000 litres / 1300 gallons
  • Height: 2610mm
  • Diameter: 2580mm
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10000 litre bunded oil tank

Tuffa 10000VB

  • Plastic Bunded Heating Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 10000 litres / 2200 gallons
  • Height: 2600mm
  • Diameter: 2890mm
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15000 litre bunded oil tank

Tuffa 15000VB

  • Plastic Bunded Heating Oil Tank

  • Capacity: 15000 litres / 3300 gallons
  • Height: 3500mm
  • Diameter: 2860mm
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Further Information

The Tuffa range is designed with pollution control in mind. If you’re after an environmentally-friendly bunded storage solution, which aligns with the current industry legislation, look no further.

Here at Tuffa UK Limited, we have a full collection of oil tank sizes to choose from. Plus, with excellent attention to detail and state-of-the-art manufacturing, installing a Tuffa tank will ensure that, whatever the application, your fuel is stored in a secure and regulation-compliant manner.

Every single one of our products has been built to the highest specifications, and each one complies with the Environmental Agency Guidelines.

Not only does installing an oil storage tank give you a higher degree of flexibility when it comes to siting the tank on your property, but our products are specifically designed for commercial, industrial, institutional and agricultural properties, where bunded tanks are now compulsory.

If you are looking for bunded heating oil tanks, shop online now. Our range is tailored to your individual requirements, and optional extras include Fire Proofing or Interlinking.

We also have an extensive portfolio of high profile clients, both nationally and internationally, and our bunded oil tanks have been used across a number of sectors.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our expert team.