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Multi-Compartment Steel Tanks

One of the issues that are commonly found when storing liquids is space. When you need to store more than one type of liquid, be it AdBlue, Diesels or Derv you may be concerned about finding the space for the different tanks on your property. There's no need for your concerns though as it's possible to store the fluid you need with our bespoke multi-compartment tank.

We have three different plastic sized plastic dual compartment tanks available here at Tuffa, and bespoke steel tanks can be manufactured to contain more than two compartments. Each of the compartments can be filled with or without dispensing equipment and can be built to hold a variety of different substances.

Plastic Dual Compartment Tank Range

  • Our twin and multi-compartment tanks are suitable for a variety of different industries
  • Space saving
  • The tanks have automatic shut off to prevent overfilling
  • Refuelling equipment is easily accessible from the ground
  • Resist corrosion
  • Bund provides added protection and is at least 110% of the inner tank volume
  • Cabinet houses all the equipment
  • The cabinet is lockable for security purposes
  • Bespoke models, in both plastic and steel available

Three large steel multi compartment dispensing tanks

Tuffa manufactured 3x 43,000 litre large steel multi compartment dispensing tanks. Each tank comprised of 38,000 litres white diesel, 2,000 litres red diesel and 2,500 litre AdBlue.

Tuffa UK were able to utilise one of our plastic storage tanks for the AdBlue compartment which provided a major cost saving for the client compared to a stainless steel tank. Specific pumps were required to suit the site requirements which were fitted within a large high security walk in cabinet. The colour of the tank was also a requirement of the client. All of the tanks were delivered and crane off loaded in to position at three separate local authority sites in the South.

Steel Multi Compartment Tank

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