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Water Bowser

Brim full capacity: 1500 litres
Dimensions: 1500mm (L) x 1500mm (W) x 1900mm (H)

The water bowser can provide all the water you need for your on-site facilities. It’s housed in a robust, lockable steel structure for protection against vandalism.

Constant water pressure for all site amenities

To supply your appliances with water at a constant pressure of 4 bar, the bowser is fitted with a pump inside the steel housing. That means you won’t suffer the low-pressure problems associated with many on-site water tanks.

Built-in frost protection for uninterrupted water supply

The steel housing is insulated to provide frost protection. The bowser is also fitted with a thermostatically controlled tube heater to prevent the water from freezing – ensuring you always have a supply of running water, whatever the weather.

Improved site sustainability with rainwater harvesting

The bowser incorporates a rainwater harvesting system, which can help to reduce the frequency of tanker refills – enhancing the sustainability of your site. When refills by tanker are required, the bowser has an easy-access filling point to make this process as simple as possible.


  • 1400 litre / 300 gallon capacity         
  • Anti-vandal steel housing: 1500mm (L) x 1500mm (W) x 1900mm (H)
  • 4 bar pressure water supply
  • IP-rated 240V electrical connection
  • Integral rainwater harvesting system
  • 22mm BSP outlet
  • Thermostatically controlled tube heater
  • Can be painted to any colour per the customer requirements

Tuffa supplies market leader in temporary welfare accomodation

Tuffa were chosen to manufacture and supply bespoke waste water storage to the market leader in temporary welfare accommodation recently, the deciding factors being that Tuffa are a family run business, are an approachable and professional company and are always accommodating to the customer.

The system also combined of a pump suitable for water, a tubular heater and inlet and outlet connections. The inlet complete with a ball float valve to prevent overflow. The prototype has been supplied and has successfully undergone testing, and as a result a further batch is being ordered with more to follow. (See picture below).

Overall the client is overly impressed with both the service and products provided by Tuffa, and is already looking at future orders.


Water Bowser

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