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Cone Bottom Tank

Type: Single Skin MDPE Tank
Brim full capacity: 1500*
Diameter (mm): 1210
Height (mm): 2125
Approx. Weight (Kg): 50
Colour: Natural

Cone Bottom Tanks are suitable when a complete drain out of the stored liquid is required (total evacutation).

Suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Tanks require stands to support the conical bottoms.

Tanks are manufactured from medium or high-density polyethelene with UV inhibitors and design for containment of liquids of up to 1.7 specific gravty.

Tank walls are translucent for level viewing (natural) and are suitable for use as a molasses tank. Other colours also available.

  • Drains the entire selection of chemicals out of the tank
  • Can see in to the tank to view the liquid level
  • Prevents tanks from fading
  • Can be easily installed in various locations indoors
  • Also capable of being stored outdoors

Cone Bottom Tank

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