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Molasses Storage

Tuffa Tanks are the ideal Molasses storage solution; our heavy duty Molasses Tanks are manufactured with a thicker wall, making them suitable for the storage of this higher density product.

View the range of Tuffa Molasses Tanks.

Our range of Tuffa Tanks are specially designed to suit the storage of molasses. Each tank comes complete with an inspection lid / manway access, good ventilation (to reduce condensation and bacterial growth) and other equipment can be fitted per your requirements.

The standard colour of our Molasses Storage Tanks is Black, however, other colours are available upon request.

The most popular choice of fittings are 3" Bottom Outlets and 4" Bottom Outlets. Alternative sizes are also available, so please do call or email to discuss your requirements further.

Plastic Molasses tanks are available in capacities from 1350 litres to 20000 litres in any single unit, and can be interlinked to obtain even larger capacities.

Steel Molasses tanks are available in all sizes; call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Stands also available to suit either your Plastic or Steel Molasses Tank.  

What is Molasses?

Molasses is a thick, dark brown, uncrystallized juice obtained from raw sugar during the refining process.

What is Molasses used for?

Molasses is sold both for human consumption, to be used in baking, and in the brewing of ale and distillation of rum, and as an ingredient in animal feed.

Storing your Molasses.

With proper storage, molasses can last a long time. Heat and humidity can cause molasses to get moldy. Store it in a cool, dry place and be sure it is tightly closed. It can be stored for long periods without deterioration providing dilution does not occur. If dilution does occur molasses is liable to ferment fairly quickly. Storage tanks therefore must be constructed so that water cannot get in, and in addition tanks should be vented to prevent condensation taking place and diluting the surface of the molasses. An adequate system of ventilation also helps to prevent steel tanks from rusting.


Normally molasses is quite safe to handle, but if water has entered the tank fermentation may have taken place with the generation of carbon dioxide gas, which is asphyxiating and alcohol vapour, which is flammable. Therefore if this is thought to have taken place the tank should be thoroughly ventilated before entering it and any residue should be thoroughly cleaned out before any hot work such as welding is done on the tank.

Technical Data

Specific gravity = 1.45
1.4 kg/litre = 14 lbs to the gallon
1441.6 kg/m3 = 90 lbs per cubic foot
1032 litres/m3 = 6.43 gallons per cubic foot
0.7248 mm3/tonne = 26 cubic feet to the ton (2240 lbs)
716 litres/tonne = 160 gallons to the ton (2240 lbs)


  • Plastic Molasses Tanks available in sizes from 1350 litres to 20000 litres an a single unit
  • Steel Molasses Tanks available in ALL sizes
  • Our Tanks are specially designed to suit the storage of Molasses, a specific gravity of 1.45.
  • Designed with good ventilation to reduce condensation and bacterial growth.
  • Molasses Tanks can be fitted with ANY connections, to suit your specific requirements.
  • Molasses Tanks are available in a wide variety of colours, to suit the environment.
  • All Tuffa Molasses Tanks are heavy duty.



2" BSP Bottom Outlet

3" BSP Bottom Outlet

4" BSP Bottom Outlet

Steel Stands of all sizes available to suit your Plastic or Steel Molasses tank

Larger size connections also available

Alternative colours are available, including Neutral, Black, Green, Yellow and more.

Molasses Storage

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