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12V Pump (40 lpm)

The new BP3000 DC pump has been designed to satisfy requirements for a safe and reliable way of transferring diesel throughout various applications. The experience Piusi has in developing and producing diesel fuel pumps and other equipment has been instrumental in the development of this new unique product. The pump has the flexibility to be mounted in various positions and has a range of optional accessories allowing a number of connection configurations. Incorporating a strong DC brush motor this gives the pump flow capabilities of up to 50l/min, whilst tolerating the back pressure the installation may incur.

Technical Features:
. Cast iron pump body finished with anti-corrosion paint.
. Vane pump with sintered steel rotor and acetal resin vanes.
. By-pass valve incorporated in the pump body.
. Direct current brush motor with permanent magnet stator.
. Motor protection grade IP55.
. Used in intermittent service with 30-minute work cycles.
. Pump attachment support bracket.
. Integrated on/off switch.
. Flanged 1" connectors.
. Available with power cables, incorporated fuses and pincers for connection to terminal strips.

12V Pump (40 lpm)

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