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FMS - Fuel Level Monitoring

The system is ready-configured for Derv, Gas Oil and AdBlue and has the option of self-calibration for other liquids too.

The brand new units combine innovative design and incredible function. The FMS is an all in one monitoring system that comes complete with a contents gauge three low level alarms, three high level alarms that give visual and audible signals to the owners or supervisors of the oil tanks.

Optional: The system also uses SMS, GPRS and web based technology allowing you multiple ways of monitoring. What’s more the FMS also has a theft monitoring system, ideal for helping to prevent the theft of your supplies.

FMS Basic Specification:

  • Digital Tank Level Indicator 
  • Bund & Overfill Alarm

FMS Basic Specification:

  • Digital Tank Level Indicator
  • Bund & Overfill Alarm



  • Contents readout in litres & percentage
  • Audio & Visual Alarms for all levels: Empty, Low, High, Full, Bund
  • Pre-configured for Derv, Gas Oil and AdBlue. Option for self-calibration of other liquids.
  • Real-time clock.
  • Multiple language options
  • Ability to monitor up to 7 common tanks.
  • Pressure Sensor with 5m Capillary



  • 2 x 16 large character backlit display.
  • Audio output 8DoB / metre
  • 12 button custom keypad.
  • 100-240 Vac operating range, option to battery power with solar trickle charge .


Web Hosting:

  • Remote monitoring via web.
  • Email & Text Alerts for set levels (theft/bund/contents)
    • Track fuel level & usage on the go.
    • Temperature sensor — (Optional heater control for AdBlue or other liquids)


Tuffa FMS Tank Monitoring

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