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Water Storage Tanks

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Water Tank Brochure.

Browse the Tuffa® range of water storage tanks below, including solutions for non-potable (process) water, potable water, rainwater applications and bespoke steel tanks:

Further Information

Tuffa has been manufacturing water tank solutions for over 20 years and is renowned for the strength and durability of their products.

All tanks come complete with ventilation, with an access point sited on top of the water storage tank itself. The outlets can be specified by the customer, and can be situated at either the top or the bottom of the tank. Tanks can also range in size, based on a customer’s individual requirements.

All Tuffa water tanks are quick and easy to install, with the choice of having a potable or non-potable solution. Tuffa is committed to providing the best options for every situation, whether domestic, commercial or agricultural.

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