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We live in an uncertain world, in which there can never be guarantees about the availability or price of vital fuel. Even in a better-case scenario, a lot of your time can be wasted in queues at the pumps. If you suspect that there must be a better way of ensuring that your fuel requirements are catered for, you’d be quite right – it comes in the form of our own bunded fuel stations here at Tuffa.

Our current diesel tank range demonstrates just how much more convenient your daily life could be. They are available tailor-made for agricultural, commercial and industrial purposes, but even more importantly than that, they have been designed with pollution control as the uppermost priority. Our bunded diesel tanks comply with the current industry legislation concerning the safe storage of this fuel, thanks to the most sophisticated design and manufacturing methods.

There are so many sound reasons to purchase a diesel tank from Tuffa. Order even the ‘basic’ 1350SLBFS tank, for example, and you can look forward to such features as a 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain, a float level gauge and vent. Both horizontal and vertical models are available, vital refuelling equipment can be accessed from ground level and bunded construction helps to prevent overfilling or leakage.

Exact features naturally vary from one model to the next, with the likes of a 60lpm submersible pump, digital flowmeter, clock gauge, FMS unit, 10micron filter, overfill prevention valve, lockable cabinet and lockable lid all possible. If you are in any doubt about those that apply to your own desired diesel tank from our range, just ask. ‘FMS’, by the way, stands for ‘Fuel Level Monitoring System’, the combined tank level indicator and bund and overfill alarm that alerts you if the level of fuel in the tank reaches a certain predetermined level.

The FMS is a high accuracy contents gauge that you won’t find on the tanks of any other supplier, and which nicely complements the strong list of available optional extras for a Tuffa diesel tank. These range from a higher output pump and 12V/24V pump to an Armco protection barrier, in-cabinet security light and fire protection. Bear in mind that we are also able to create bespoke tanks on request.

For all of the advantages and options when you require a fully-featured diesel tank, you can surely only make one choice of supplier: Tuffa.