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The need for any type of fuel to be appropriately stored in a well-designed and built storage container has prompted the development of an extensive range of plastic and steel Tuffa tanks, drawing upon the Uttoxeter company’s quarter century of experience in liquid storage and dispensing equipment.

Within a category of steel tanks also including the likes of petrol tanks and oil tanks, Tuffa proudly offers diesel tanks catering to the most specialised requirements. While diesel may lack the volatility of petrol, the need remains for it to be carefully handled and stored, not only for safety reasons but also to ensure that the fuel does not undergo degradation and contamination over time.

No manufacturer is as renowned as Tuffa in the manufacture of steel liquid storage systems, and a Tuffa diesel tank is not only manufactured in Mild Steel to BS EN/10 025 and BS799 Part 5, but also fully bunded to comply with Oil Storage Regulations. There are additionally many capacities that can be specified for a Tuffa diesel tank, up to a whopping 200,000 litres.

Even those opting for the entry-level 1100SBFS tank can have many individual requirements catered for in a tank measuring 1,750mm in length, 1,000 in width and 1,000mm in height. Primed and painted in standard Green, but with other colours also available, this diesel tank incorporates such features as a 2″ BSP fill connection with cap and chain, in addition to a vent, float level gauge, submersible pump, digital flowmeter and cabinet to house equipment.

Even this basic diesel tank also has a specification sheet including such features as a nozzle holster, overfill prevention valve, channel runners and lifting lugs, while the long list of optional extras encompasses 30 minutes or 60 minutes of fire protection, a key switch for enabling and disabling the pump, an electronic level gauge and a higher accuracy gauge.

Whichever diesel tank the customer chooses from the Tuffa range, they can be assured of its manufacture from only high quality mild steel, as well as the fitting of only premium ancillary equipment. A Tuffa steel tank for the storage of diesel is also weatherproof, has a minimum 110% bund capacity to comply with regulations and boasts a serviceable life of more than 30 years if appropriately maintained.

Diesel tanks also have all of the design versatility that one may need, as befits a company with a strong reputation for meeting an endless variety of bespoke and one-off requirements.