1350SLBFS AdBlue Tank with Heating, Insulation and Hand Pump

Tuffa adblue storage tank

Our client came to Tuffa with bespoke storage tank requirements; a 1350SLBFS/AdBlue Storage Tank with standard dispensing equipment plus added extras.

  • 2” Todo type fill coupling
  • Vent
  • Hand Pump with 6m cable
  • Lockable flip lid which is gas strut assisted to house all appropriate equipment
  • 4 metres of delivery hose
  • Stainless Steel ‘Y’ filter
  • Automatic shut off nozzle
  • Nozzle Holster
  • Digital Flowmeter
  • Visual Contents Gauge
  • Colour: Blue with Black Inner
  • Heating Package – 40 degrees Celsius

The tank was to be sited in a remote location and so required a battery powered pump as opposed to the standard 240V electrically powered submersible pump that Tuffa would fit. Tuffa were more than happy to assist with this difference in specification. Our customer created a purpose built 10’ container together with an ADR-tank to fit the Tuffa Tank. The container is used by a transport company who has a fleet of approx 150 earth moving units. This solution, with container, fulfills all environmental requirements in the customers Country.

For a quotation on a similar tank, or completely different tank to your own specific requirements please do get in touch.

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