43000 litre Dual Steel Tank Headed to Utility Company in London

Tuffa Tanks 46000 litre Dual Steel Tank

Last week a 43000 litre bunded steel dual compartment tank was dispatched from the Tuffa Tanks factory.

The bulk steel tank was delivered by David Watson Transport Ltd on a specialist vehicle to the utility warehouse of a multi-utility company based in London.

The tank was manufactured with two compartments providing a total combined capacity of 43,000 litres and measured up at 6500mm (L) x 3500mm (W) x 2200mm (H). It was fitted with various pieces of equipment including a T4020 Ole gauge unit, tank heaters and access ladder and harness bar.

The client was certainly impressed with both the tank and the delivery and had the following comment regarding the haulage company “I would like to inform you that Dave carried out an excellent job for and on behalf of utility warehouse on Saturday 29th Oct 2016 and we are very grateful for his support and understanding.”

Head to the Tuffa Tank Facebook page www.facebook.com/tuffatanks to see a video of this mammoth storage tank leaving the factory.

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