4900SBFP/60 Steel Fire Protected Tuffa Tank

Tuffa Steel Fire Protected Tank

This steel fire protected Tuffa Tank was purchased and installed by a drainage and waste management company from Suffolk.

The 4900SBFP/60 tank was sited and installed adjacent to an outbuilding at a school which would supply the boiler for the heating on the premises. The tank was built with a 600mm high stand and measured up at 3000mm L x 1500mm W x 1500mm H and rather than the tank painted in our standard Moss Green colour, the client had decided that their preferred colour was that of Matt Black.

This innovative tank with Fire Protection complies to Building Regulations. Tuffa’s fire protected tanks can be specified to obtain a satisfactory degree of safety in the advent of a spreading fire as required by Building Regulations. At Tuffa UK, we achieve this requirement by protecting the fuel contents using the appropriate methodology as described in BS5410; Tuffa UK does not achieve this by just a single means, but via the double approach of providing an actual physical fire barrier and, by the complete enclosure of our tank in a non-combustible fire resistance construction.

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