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A1 Tank Services are North Yorkshire’s finest oil tank installers, suppliers and are an approved Tuffa Tank installation company. For the past decade the family business has been run by company director John Marshall who, for the sake of the analogy, is the equivalent to the A-Teams Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith. A1 Tank Services are in a fortunate position to work in an industry which has been exceptionally busy this year, propping the economy up, keeping the country running and the population warm by installing diesel dispensers and heating oil tanks. As John explained, an unprecedented number of homeowners have been replacing their heating oil tanks for several reasons; people are making the most of low oil prices by brimming their tanks, exposing cracks and weak bases in tanks not usually filled to maximum capacity. Additionally, lockdown restrictions have forced homeowners to spend time at home resulting in a greater focus on home and garden improvements or maintenance.

One homeowner using his spare time to improve his lot, including replacing the old oil tank, is Yorkshireman and keen gardener Neil. His single skin oil tank was installed adjacent to the house around 20 years ago but was now showing serious signs of wear, tear and discolouration. Neil had contacted several installers who recommended a conventional installation of a standard bunded oil tank. However, due to modern regulations, a standard tank would need to be sited at least 1.8m away from the house. To accommodate this would have meant removing the shed or installing the tank in the middle of the garden – not something green-fingered Neil was going to accept lightly.

Another possibility suggested to Neil was constructing a fire rated barrier separating the tank and building. However, due to the confined location of the tank sited in-between the house, shed and external wall this would mean constructing the barrier around three sides of the tank in a position which would impede access to the shed and undermine the ambience of the garden. In a final attempt to save the garden’s aesthetics, Neil contacted the A-Team of tank installations – A1 Tank Services.

Where other installers saw barriers, both literally and metaphorically, John (who you might recall was “the brains” of the A-Team) saw solutions. A1 Tank Services recommended our innovative fire protected tank. This tank range is bunded and integrally fitted with a unique, patented fire rated material which enables compliant oil tank installations as close as 300mm from buildings and boundaries. Fire Protected Oil Tanks work the same as fire barriers but with some distinct advantages. They offer far superior aesthetics and simpler installation than traditional fire barriers and in John’s experience are probably a safer option. That’s because some tank owners, not happy with the obtrusive look of the fire barrier, dismantle the construction once the installation has been signed off.

With the solution found, John’s team set about dismantling the existing brickwork which was unsightly, unstable and completely unnecessary. John explained that the new Tuffa Tank would have fit onto the existing base making installation even easier. However, this would be against A1 Tank Service’s motto “treat every installation as if it was your home”. This tank installation was no exception and the unstable plinth was neatly deconstructed with the new tank due to be installed on the existing concrete slabs within the same footprint as the old tank. To tackle the restricted access at Neil’s home John organised for an experienced Hiab company to lift the tank over the double garage and into the courtyard while his team guided the tank into position where a new oil line was installed and connected to the tank.

We got in touch with Neil to ask him what he thought of the tank and installation. He left this Google review:

We had a Tuffa fire protected tank installed by A1 Tank Services. This type of tank, bunded and fire resistant was the only type which could be installed in the same position as the previous tank as we did not wish to have to move a large shed, nor to intrude onto our established garden. The process was very smooth, carried out by a very professional team.

The tank looks great in its place.

With the job finished, the good guys saved and the perpretators dealt with, John removed the mandatory Cuban E-cigar from his mouth and said “I love it when a plan comes together.”

If you require any advice on heating oil tanks and fire protection contact our Sales Support team by completing the enquiry form below or dialling  01889 567700. Alternatively, check out our Expert Guide to Fire Rated Oil Tanks for more info about this innovative tank range.

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