AdBlue Storage Tank with 3 Submersible Pumps

AdBlue Tank on site

A prestigious client of Tuffa Tanks had recently opted for a more bespoke specification to it’s most popular Tuffa Tank – the 15000VBFS/SkyBlue tank.

Rather than the standard adblue storage tank equipment consisting of one submersible pump, dispensing equipment including delivery hose, flowmeter, nozzle, filter and so on, the client required a unique system comprising of THREE submersible pumps, all terminating within the cabinet for the end user to connect up to their own remote dispensing systems.

The reason behind the unique specification being that the end user, a large well-known British transportation company already had dispensing systems on site and needed to feed nine separate of them; therefore the each pump would feed 3 dispensing posts.

Tuffa are always happy and willing to design and manufacture such bespoke systems, and are able to offer systems that work comfortably for the site they serve. Tuffa strive to work hand in hand with each and every customer offering technical expert advice along the way to bring them the best system on the market!

Should you have similar requirements, or need a specification completely different to the one mentioned here please do contact our helpful and friendly sales team.

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