AdBlue Tanks to the Netherlands

2500 AdBlue Tank Installation in the Netherlands

A client of Tuffa, located in the Netherlands recently sent over images of an installation of a Tuffa 2500 litre AdBlue Storage Tank, just one of many.

The tank was installed on site and connected up to a Merridale fuel management system. Our client was extremely happy with the set up of the tank combined with this system – “we love the English products… and Tuffa and Merridale together”.

The Tuffa 2500 litre AdBlue dispensing tank comes as standard with:

2″ TODO Connection


Visual Float Level Gauge

Lockable Hinged Lid

INOX Submersible Pump

Digital Flowmeter

Delivery hose with automatic shut off nozzle

Stainless steel ‘Y’ Filter

Colour: Blue

This is our standard specification, but there are many other options available should you require something a little different. For example, we can offer temperature control packages consisting of full tank heating and insulation, tubular heaters to keep the equipment above a certain temperature, pulse meters to connect to fuel management systems, various fuel management systems, and much more.

Please call us for further information or a quotation on our adblue storage products.

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