Another Dual Steel Tank for Staffordshire Estate


A second dual steel tank has been manufactured here at the Tuffa Tanks factory, this time for a large estate in Staffordshire. The huge 8m long tank was manufactured with two compartments, a 50,000L and a 20,000L split suitable for storing two different types of fuel.

See below the full specification of the tank. It includes two lots of each item of equipment

Model:70000SB DUAL – 50,000L / 20,000L SPLIT
Dimensions:8000mm (L) x 3000mm (W) x 3200mm (H)
Description:Bunded DUAL Steel Tank – manufactured in 6mm plate
Specification:·       High security cabinet with roller shutter door to house all appropriate equipment

·       2 x 2” BSP Fill Point complete with cap and chain

·       Vents

·       2 x Manway access points

·       2 x Overfill Prevention Valves

·       2 x Tuffa FMS Systems – comprising high accuracy level gauge and overfill/bund alarms (240v supply required)

·       2” Bottom outlet – 50,000 compartment

·       1” Bottom outlet – 20,000 compartment

·       Channel Runners (these will increase the tank height)

·       Lifting Lugs

·       Paint Specification – single pack, high build acrylic resin with a satin finish, one process combined primer and topcoat. Painted as standard in RAL 6005 Moss Green.

When you need to store more than one type of liquid, be it AdBlue, Diesels or Derv you may be concerned about finding the space for the different tanks on your property. There’s no need for your concerns though as it’s possible to store the fluid you need with our bespoke multi-compartment tank.

Benefits of our Dual and Multi Compartment Storage Tanks:

  • Our twin and multi-compartment tanks are suitable for a variety of different industries
  • Space saving
  • The tanks have automatic shut off to prevent overfilling
  • Refuelling equipment is easily accessible from the ground
  • Resist corrosion
  • Bund provides added protection and is at least 110% of the inner tank volume
  • Cabinet houses all the equipment
  • The cabinet is lockable for security purposes
  • Bespoke models, in both plastic and steel available

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