Avoid Drought with Water Storage Tanks


Despite the fact that here in the UK we expect it to rain every few days, there are still periods of time where natural rainfall is not plentiful enough to keep our land, crops, and gardens in a functioning state. For many businesses across the UK, this could be devastating if they do not have a contingency plan in place.

Although drought risk assessment and management plans often only apply to industries that require them, by taking the same approach – utilising water storage tanks and planning ahead in case of emergencies – your business could benefit from a drought plan of action.

If your livelihood relies on a constant supply of water – and this could be anything from a flower nursery to a farm to a window cleaning service – then you will already be aware of the benefits of rainwater harvesting and the positive impact it could have on your business.

This is especially true when we get to summer, and the rainy days are few and far between. In order to avoid hefty water bills, and your business suffering immensely if the government issues a hosepipe ban – investing in a water storage tank could be your saving grace.

Even when rain might seem plentiful, if there are insufficient levels recorded over a number of years, a drought situation is often issued. Water tanks can be connected to your guttering and down pipes to catch rainwater when it falls, storing it safely for use later on.

Similarly, water butts are ideal for collecting and storing water that is not intended for human consumption. This water can be utilised as and when necessary to ensure that your flowers, crops or other needs are maintained with little to no disruption, regardless of the weather.

Domestic uses of water storage tanks are also highly beneficial to home-owners, on an all-year-round basis. They can be connected to toilets and washing machines to reduce water bills and can be used to keep gardens looking fresh and healthy, too.

So, if your business is likely to come to a cropper should we face another drought – and we are hearing reports of heatwaves in the media on a regular basis – it is important that you act now, before it is too late. Implement your drought risk assessment and management plan of action and invest in a water storage tank, and it could just save your business.

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