Biodiesel Mixing Systems

Biodiesel Mixing Systems offered by Tuffa Tanks

This totally new and innovative pumping system allows the customer to blend normal diesels with the new bio-fuels.

The system requires two holding tanks and depending on quantities can be two tanks within one bund (space and cost saving) or two larger tanks each fitted with 240 volt submersible pump.

The computer control system enables the driver to input his required percentage blend mix by either manual control or touch fob enabling the manufacturers warranty requirements to be met.

The system comprises of computer driven motor controllers, compensated by an accurate metering system controlling both flow and speed of the delivery pumps.

Call our Technical Department on 01889 567700 for more information about our biodiesel mixing systems or email [email protected], To browse the range of tanks available for Biodiesel visit our Bunded Fuel Dispensing Tanks page.

Biodiesel Tanks


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