Bulk 10000 litre tank with de-bunkering system

Tuffa 10000VB with debunkering system

‘De-bunkering’ is a term used to describe the action whereby fuel is emptied from a vehicle and placed back in to the fuel tank for re-use.

Our client, a large European freight management company, manage hundreds of rental vehicles each month, and the Tuffa 10000VB fitted with a de-bunkering system would allow them to supply each vehicle with a certain quantity of fuel, and withdraw the fuel again later should this be required – which could be as much as up to 600 litres at a time.

This bespoke tank was fitted with standard fuel dispensing equipment as well as the de-bunkering system and it was kitted out with provisions for an existing external fuel management system that allows them to monitor each vehicles’ usage. This meant that not only could the tank be used as a standard diesel dispensing tank to fill the vehicles, but could be filled from vehicles too.

                      Tuffa 10000VB with debunkering system (4)    Tuffa 10000VB with debunkering system (4)0

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