Bulk Isomex Storage Tank installed for Highways

Bulk Isomex Storage Tank

Tuffa’s 15000 litre Isomex storage tank installed at a service stop for Highways to use during the colder months to help keep the highways defrosted and safe for the UK’s traffic.

Isomex is “ is a conventional 50% potassium acetate liquid de-icer, offering extremely effective de-icing and anti-icing performance in a wide range of condition. It is approved to UK and US Aerospace and runway construction standards as well as complying with the requirements of water authorities and environmental agencies.”

Tuffa’s 15000VB bunded tank for Isomex is fitted with specialised equipment suitable for this liquid and fitted with a pulse meter allowing connection to a remote fuel monitoring system on site; once again Tuffa showing our ability to design and manufacture bespoke products suited to a variety of applications.

Check out the chemical storage tanks section of this website for a little insight in to types of chemicals Tuffa Tanks have been used to store previously.

Bulk Isomex Storage Tank

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