Bunding Explained

Here at Tuffa, we sell a huge variety of bunded oil tanks that are designed to the highest of specifications. While we deal with the associated terminology on a daily basis, we are aware that many visitors to our site might not be as well versed as us. With you in mind, we thought we would explain bunding in more detail.

A number of our oil storage tanks, as well as other fuel storage tanks,  are bunded for your protection. But what exactly does bunded mean? We explain all below.

It is quite simply a control method to ensure that you don’t lose any oil or fuel from your tank. Bunded tanks are a sound investment and are highly reliable. The actual oil storage tank is encased in a secondary containment system that catches any overspill or leaks. This system minimises stock loss and ensures that the environment is protected from any spills or mishaps.

Bunded tanks can hold a minimum of 110% of the total capacity of your fuel tank, for added security and peace of mind. This integral protection is vital if your oil storage tanks are mobile or in heavy use.

Bunded tanks can prevent damage if they contain chemicals or acids so are essential in ensuring staff and environmental safety, as well as protecting stock. Oil and other fuels can be equally as damaging to the environment if leaking, so for this reason, they are often a compulsory element of chemical and oil storage tanks.

While this is a quick overview of what a bunded storage container is, if you need any further information, then please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to help you. If you feel like you have learnt something new, then congratulations and welcome to our world.

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