Bunding – Just one benefit of a heating oil tank from Tuffa

If the time has come for you to purchase a heating oil tank, you may well be replacing a single skin tank of the kind that is being rapidly phased out in the UK. That’s partly because of the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations, which came into effect in the UK in early 2011 and state that all relevant oil tank installations, where storage requirements are more than 200 litres, must incorporate a secondary containment system or bund.

Those regulations needed to be complied with for all new tank installations by 20th September 2011. That’s one reason for the popularity of the bunded heating oil tank range at Tuffa. However, there’s one other simple reason: the tendency for single layered, hollow models to split, spilling their contents. This not only leaves you with a potentially very expensive clean-up job, but is also unlikely to be covered by your home insurance policy.

Whether such single skin models are made from plastic or steel, they pose the same risk to the environment due to their vulnerability to weather damage. When your heating oil tank incorporates a bund, you benefit from a ‘tank within a tank’ whereby your oil is primarily stored in the inner tank, the outer tank serving as a protective layer that holds the oil if the inner layer sustains damage or splits. The containment of the oil in this way means that it does not leak into the surrounding environment and contaminate nearby landscapes or water supplies.

However, the bund is far from the only reason to invest in a Tuffa heating oil tank. There’s also the complete generous specification sheet featuring the likes of a 2″ BSP Fill Connection with cap and chain, vent, electronic gauge, 1″ bottom outlet, overfill prevention valve, lockable cabinet and battery bund and overfill alarm in the case of the range-topping 15000VB model. That’s before one considers such tanks’ corrosion resistance, UV stabilisation and manufacture from recyclable polyethylene, or wide range of available capacities from 1350L to 15,000L.

For so many customers of a heating oil tank from Tuffa, however, it will certainly be that bund -containing a minimum of 110 per cent of the inner tank’s volume – that makes it an especially worthwhile purchase, both now and for many years into the future.

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