C Soar & Sons balance reward against cost with Tuffa waste oil tank

They say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and C Soar & Sons have made a lucrative business from this idiom. Clarence Soar started the business as a scrap merchants, recycling peoples’ waste and converting it to profit. Clarence then took the shrewd step of specialising in dismantling electrical equipment resulting from war and mining. From humble beginnings the company have soared to new heights as market leaders in recycling electrical plant equipment who now work with some of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK.

Part of C Soar & Sons success is gained from investing heavily in specialist equipment and machinery which enable the company to recycle nearly 98% of everything dismantled. This machinery varies greatly and includes a fleet of flatbed trailers, 60-tonne heavy duty crawler cranes, 32-tonne skip wagons and a 65-tonne/metre HIAB-type lorry mounted crane. In fact, the only thing these investments have in common is that they’ve helped the business to thrive, and that they are extremely heavy!

C Soar & Sons dismantling and recycling yard displaying some of their heavy equipment

The Requirement

To fuel their fleet and store the large quantity of waste oil taken from electrical equipment C Soar & Sons require diesel and waste oil storing facilities. As a company which emphasises investing in the best equipment for the job, they chose Tuffa UK to manufacture the tanks. Amy Bowd, Tuffa’s favourite Production and Transport Planner, took the call from Dale at C Soar & Sons:

“Dale explained that due to rapid growth they needed more oil and deisel storage facilities on-site. After discussing different tank options and customised specs Dale decided that two steel tanks, a 50,000 litre waste oil and 20,000 litre diesel tank, would be enough to give the company room to grow. The 50,000 litre waste oil tank is actually one of the highest capacity waste oil tanks we’ve been asked to manufacture at Tuffa. I drew up the specs and tank dimensions based on Dale’s requirments and we quickly recieved his approval to begin the manufacturing process.

From a 4-gram Paper Drawing to Almost 20,000-tonnes of Steel Tanks

The drawings and specs were then passed onto our steel workshop experts Andy Oxley and Lee Hopkinson. With a combined experience of 15 years, Andy and Lee are gurus in steel tank manufacturing and take great pride in the quality of their work. To comply with oil storage regulations, and reduce the risk of spillage, both the diesel and waste oil tanks were bunded – contained within a secondary tank capable of holding 110% of the inner tanks capacity to catch any possible spillage from the primary tank. This video shows a sped-up inner tank being lifted into the outer bund while Andy watches carefully to ensure a good fit.


A few weeks after the initial order and the two tanks were lifted onto Richard Lester trucks and transported to C Soar & Sons. Martyn Harris, Operations Support Manager at C Soar & Sons, received the tanks on their site in Barnsley:

“With such a diverse fleet of heavy vehicles constantly lifting and recycling hazardous materials having diesel and waste oil storage onsite is vital for keeping our operation safe and efficient.”

50,000 litre steel bunded waste oil tank on route to Barnsley

The Result

As a specialist in recycling electrical equipment, an important aspect of C Soar & Sons role is the careful extraction of large quantities of residue oil from electrical plant machinery including transformers and switchgear. This must be done before the plant’s equipment can be dismantled and ensures the job is safe and compliant whilst helping the company retain its ability to recycle 98% of all dismantled equipment – an industry best. After the waste oil is removed it is temporarily stored in IBCs before being transported to a waste oil storage tank. Upon request, our waste oil tank was fitted with a suction pump to quickly remove the oil from the IBCs without risk of spillage. With the addition of Tuffa’s waste oil tank to their current facilities, C Soar & Sons now have the capacity to remove, store and process 160,000 litres of used insulating oil.

High security cabinet containing overfill/bund alarm, hydrostatic gauge and suction pump

Safety First!

Recycling electrical plant equipment is a complicated process and ensuring safety and compliance with regulations is a major concern. In fact, C Soar & Sons have gone to such lengths to prevent environmental contamination that their yard is fully concreted with perimeter bund walls and dedicated high-risk bund areas preventing any possibility of leakage into water courses or the ground. By choosing Tuffa to manufacture their steel bunded tanks, C Soar & Sons have once again invested in the highest standard equipment, another testament to how a small but savvy scrap merchants can grow into a recycling empire.


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