Can You Contain Yourself?

We’ve all felt that desperation at some point in our lives, no matter what our age; when you really, really need to go, and we mean go. So many of us are faced with this horrible situation of where and how? In coaches, trains, festivals, camps; the list could go on.

Here at Tuffa Tanks, we have the solution for all you out there wishing to combat this situation, for yourself or others, in your portable cabins. We bring you the effluent tank, which is a portable waste storage tank. It is a temporary solution which is usually placed under kitchens and toilet units to collect the waste without any spillages or the release of odour. The effluent tank is extremely space efficient with a high storage capacity of 2500 litres and made of strong plastic, making it an ultra hygienic, lighter and considerably cheaper solution than its steel opponent. The tank comes with inspection lids and lifting eyes along with the option to link the unit to larger capacity tanks.

Tuffa Tanks were proudly the recent chosen supplier for this type of tank at the popular V Festival in August 2015, where there was no fixed lavatory or washroom provided. The Effluent Tank was ideal for the portal cabins supplied, and served their purpose extremely well.

Here at Tuffa, we have a wealth of experience in the liquid storage industry, with over 30 years of experience today. A family run business, our customer service skills are second to none, so we can assure you complete peace of mind that you will receive the best possible attention you need and require.

We are the UK’s leading tank and storage supplier offering bespoke products for our clients and aim to match your needs and requirements, every time.

So, whichever type of tank you require for your liquid storage needs, visit Tuffa Tanks and speak to one of our friendly team today.