Case Study: TUFFA Supplies Well Known Bus Company

15000 Bespoke Bus Company Tank

15,000 Litre Bespoke Fuel Dispensing Tank.

A very well known bus company has recently taken delivery of a bespoke 15000VBFS suitable for filling buses and coaches. The specification comprised of a very high flow rate pump (approx 150lpm) and suitable filtration requested by the client.

The tank was also equipped with pulsed output flowmeter to allow connection to their existing fuel management system on site and a large safety break coupling on the automatic shut off nozzle. Due to the busy location of the site, the client also opted for our Armco Protection Barrier which surrounds the entire tank and protects from impact damage (PPG2 Guidelines). The tank was sited next to the existing Tuffa 15000 litre tank previously supplied.


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