Checking your diesel storage tank is ready for winter

Checking your oil storage tank for Winter

As the time of year arrives where the clocks have changed and the shorter days are upon us, have you checked your diesel storage tank is ready for winter?

As the cold weather approaches, making sure your storage solution is in good working order in readiness for the winter period becomes a priority.  There is nothing worse than having your storage tank breakdown when we are in the midst of a cold spell and you need to fill up a fleet of vehicles or need to keep farm machinery moving.  Completing some basic checks can help keep the storage tank in good working order throughout the winter.  It also goes without saying having a regular service on your storage solution is important.


Regularly checking that there are no foreign objects in a diesel storage tank is important.  Here at Tuffa we have seen a bird’s nest and even seen screwed up newspapers in a tank!  Just a simple check and a security lock can keep a tank in good working order.


Making sure that no water or sludge is present in the tank is important.  With our climate in the UK being warm one minute and cold the next could mean condensation is more prevalent in the tank.  Thus there is a likelihood that water could be present in the tank.  Regularly checking before and during the winter is important.  Water can gather at the bottom of the tank with diesel sitting on top.  If you have half a tank full of diesel and if water starts to gather at the top before sinking down then the sides of the tank can start to rust. When the tank is filled up this orange rust will sink to the bottom to create sludge.  Having this checked can help prevent sludge and water build up.  This can help keep the tank and the pipes in good working order.

Keeping an eye on the tank and its contents during a particularly harsh and cold winter is always advisable.

If you find that the tank is compromised and you need a new diesel storage solution then we can help.  We can arrange delivery of the tank.  If you have bespoke requirements then we can try and accommodate these for you.

If you wish to find out more information please call 01889 567700, email [email protected] or fill in this form and we will get back to you.

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