Choosing the Right Oil Tank

bunded steel tanks

You might be a business in need of a solution to your bulk fuel storage issue. You might be a family looking to be a little more self-sufficient and less reliant on inflated prices by energy companies. You might be a farming business in one of the remotest parts of the country, needing your own source of fuel as a means to get by on a daily basis.

Whatever the reason for needing an oil tank, there are a few things to consider first to ensure you choose the tank most appropriate for your needs.

Here at Tuffa Tanks, we manufacture the classic oil tank in both plastic and steel for a variety of uses, and in different shapes and sizes, too. Single skin, bunded, multi-compartment, fire rated, waste oil, petrol, diesel and biodiesel and entirely bespoke; whatever your need, Tuffa Tanks can help.

Whether you are looking for an oil tank to heat your home, provide your fleet with fuel or need large scale waste oil storage, investing in the right oil tank for your needs is imperative. Certain situations and environments demand adherence to regulations and governance for example, which can alter the type of tank you end up with.

The bunded oil tank is manufactured with preventative safety in mind. Featuring a bund that offers 110% capacity protection, you can ensure that any leaks or accidents are contained and not damaging to the environment, your home or your business.

Many homes and businesses require oil tanks that have been fire rated to comply with building regulations. Our fire rated tanks have LABC (Local Authority Building Control) approval and can act as a barrier should a fire break out, stopping it from spreading for up to 60 minutes.

If you require a number of different fuels for your business or home, then the duel compartment oil tank is perfect. All compartments contained within are encased in the same bunded tank which is not only practical and cost-efficient, but it is much safer, too.

For expert advice, more information or just to chat about your individual needs, please contact our team today to help you on your way to choosing the right oil tank.