CLAAS Green 3500/2500 Dual Bunded Steel Tank

This dual compartment steel diesel tank was finished in the CLAAS Green colour to fit in nicely with the client’s agricultural machinery on site.

The tank was specifically manufactured with two separate compartments within the one bund, thus making it space saving and cost-effective, one compartment to hold a capacity of 3500 litres and the other 2500 litres.

Each compartment was kitted out with Tuffa’s standard diesel tank specification which included a 60 lpm submersible pump, delivery hose, automatic shut off nozzle, flowmeter, FMS combined high accuracy gauge and bund/overfill alarm unit, 10 micron filtration. One of the compartments would be used for red diesel, whilst the other for white diesel.

Could the Tuffa dual compartment tank be of benefit to you? Perhaps you are limited on space, and feel it would be better to have the one tank instead of two? Whether it be to store red diesel/white diesel, red diesel/adblue, white diesel/biodiesel or something more obscure then let Tuffa help you!

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