Custom chemical tank for timber treatment

Timberstore Ltd is Southern England’s leading timber merchants and has provided high-quality timber supplies to trade and domestic customers for over 30 years. Their manufacturing depots at Beaconsfield and Crawley process raw Swedish wood which is sawn and hand-manufactured to produce a vast range of goods such as fencing, flooring, cladding, gates and posts.

To preserve the products and protect them from outside weather and exposure, all of the unpreserved wood is treated at 12-bar in a vacuum pressure vessel. This helps to ensure the chemicals penetrate deep into the wood’s fibres, helping to resist rot, decay, pests and extending the products life.

Previously, the timber company used a 20,000 litre steel tank to store a precise mixture of 8% wood treatment (PROTIM ® ME7) and 92% water. However, with the old tank starting to rust it needed replacing. Rasto Matta, the Operations Manager for the Crawley branch, decided that a plastic chemical tank would make the most suitable replacement due to the non-corrosive, cost-effective and lightweight properties of the material.

Tuffa have been contributing to the smooth-running operations of Timberstore Ltd for years with five Tuffa tanks supplying diesel, rainwater and chemical storage across the two depots. With a proven track record of our durable tanks and the capabilities of our team, the timber company once again trusted Tuffa to manufacture their storage solutions.

Dan Simpson, Technical Sales at Tuffa, analysed the chemical data sheet to ensure that the tank and all the components were compatible with the stored chemical, and the polymer shot-weight was more than capable of providing safe and durable storage. Our plastic workshop then rotomoulded a 20,000 litre UV-stabilised and corrosion resistant polyethylene tank with a bespoke arrangement of tank connectors and a 6” bottom outlet with flange to connect precisely with the Timberstore’s existing pipework. We also manufactured a simple 20,000 litre mains-fed water tank located adjacent to the chemical tank with pipework to ensure the chemical tank has a constant supply of water for the chemical solution.

With the tanks delivered, we contacted Rasto to check on the installation and performance of our tanks:

“We’re glad Tuffa were able to customise the chemical tank to match our existing pipework. The replacement tanks are perfect for our needs, they are light and easy to work with making installation simple. As planned, we constructed a 40mm wooden base to create a soft base for the tank, reduce wear and ensure alignment with the existing pipework. We then had our computer system and sensors recalibrated to feed the chemical tank with precise measures of PROTIM and water to keep the treatment tank full. We’ll no doubt be in touch in the near future when we need more tanks for our other depots.”

Rasto Matta, Timberstore Ltd Operations Manager

Timberstore’s Crawley depot treats around 7,500m3 of wood every month making reliable storage for the wood treatment essential for their business and reputation. With vast quantities of wood to treat, any downtime caused by faulty equipment could result in delays for hundreds of projects from new homes to landscaping. Our meticulous approach to ensuring only top-quality and compatible materials are used in the build of our tanks helps to ensure that the whole process from first enquiring about chemical storage to tank installation is simple and effective. It also means our chemical tanks are built with a 20 year design life minimum and come with a 10 year warranty.

Tuffa’s Chemical Storage Tanks are available in capacities from 1,350 to 20,000 litres or more with interlinking. Every tank is rotomoulded with a high-grade, corrosion-resistant & UV-stabilised polyethylene and manufactured to meet our clients’ exact specifications with bespoke solutions such as temperature control, higher polymer shot weights, bulkheads & welded flanges.

For enquiries please contact our Technical Sales by emailing [email protected], calling 01889 567700 or use the contact form below.

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