De-icer Tanks to Aberdeen Airport

De-Icer Storage Tanks

Aberdeen airport recently acquired two Tuffa 15000 litre bunded de-icer storage tanks to enable the continuation of flights throughout the coming Winter months.

The busy timetables operated by airlines do not allow for grounded aircraft due to poor weather conditions, so efficient defrosting and de-icing of aeroplanes to keep to schedule is imperative. Large quantities of the de-icing agent need to be on hand at the airport to allow instantaneous action for when a drop in temperature occurs.

The tanks were each equipped with fill and outlet connection points, lockable security cabinets, high accuracy content reading gauges and a steel armco protection barrier to provide ultimate impact protection.

The tanks were delivered air side which meant that we had to ensure all safeguarding precautions were followed, risk assessments completed and NOTAM’s issued before being allowed to enter the site. Crane off-load was conducted by our haulage company to lift the tanks off the vehicle in to position.

Tuffa have provided numerous tanks to various airports around the country. Other case studies include:

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For a quotation for a de-icer storage tank please contact the helpful and friendly sales team: [email protected] | 01889 567700.

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