Domestic self-sufficiency is possible with a rainwater harvesting tank

Ownership of a rainwater harvesting tank may have once been the preserve of a small number of especially eco-conscious citizens of our isles. But with water shortages here in the UK proving a very real experience for many of us as the environmental agenda also features ever-higher in the minds of politicians and campaigners, such tanks are becoming much more mainstream.

We can vouch for that ourselves here at Tuffa – we’re always receiving enquiries about our rainwater harvesting tank range from people who may have never previously imagined buying one for their home. These tanks are now selling in great numbers among UK residents who are looking for a more self-sufficient way to address their needs for non-potable (non-drinking) water.

Non-potable water is used for all kinds of reasons in the home. With the average person in England or Wales using about 150 litres of water every day, domestic buyers of a rainwater harvesting tank from Tuffa have found it an invaluable source of water for such purposes as washing their car, personal washing, clothes washing, dishwashing and toilet flushing.

Rainwater tanks, for those who are unaware, collect water directly from the surface that it falls on, subsequently storing it for when it next needs to be used. Without it, the water that falls outside your home is instead simply going into the drainage system or evaporating and transpiring. With a rainwater harvesting tank from the extensive selection now on offer at Tuffa, you’ll barely need to worry about water shortages again – particularly if you live in the South East of England, where it is especially scarce.

Our rainwater tanks here at Tuffa make use of the water that falls on the roof of your property, bringing it via guttering and downpipes to a storage tank for filtering. The water is then delivered via a highly efficient and dependable submersible pump to a service on demand. We offer both direct and indirect (gravity/header tank) domestic harvesting systems, in capacities ranging from 1,350 litres to 20,000 litres.

Contact the Tuffa team today about a rainwater harvesting tank that will allow you to take a big-step towards domestic self-sufficiency, at a time when water is becoming a more expensive and regulated commodity than ever.

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