Don’t Invest in a Potable Water Tank from Any Other Company

There’s no question that potable water – defined as water that is fit to be consumed by humans and other animals – is a major issue in the world. Also referred to as drinking water, this type of water may be taken for granted in this country, but not all water across the globe is naturally potable, or easily treated to be so. There can, though, be a real need for the effective storage of potable water in the UK, which leads to many people investing in a potable water tank.

One look at the current Tuffa website reveals an extensive selection of water tanks designed for the specific purpose of storing potable water. These polyethylene tanks can be purchased in sizes ranging from 1350L to 20000L, or indeed such sizes as 2500L, 6000L and 15000L. They are also guaranteed not to rust or corrode, with such properties making them suitable and widely used for rainwater harvesting water storage applications. The vertical water tanks can be specified as potable water tanks that have been manufactured from black MDPE and that meet with Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval.

It’s also possible for such tanks to be manufactured with greater wall thicknesses so that they are suitable for Specific Gravities of contents between 1SG and 2SG. Other features include a vent, an inspection lid in the case of 1350/1400/2500 models and manway access on models 3500L or larger. Available optional extras, meanwhile, include 1” and 2” stainless steel bottom outlets, larger outlet(s), extra connections for inlets/outlets, ball valves, float valves, pumping systems and filter kits – in shortage, everything that is required to cater for the wide range of applications for which a potable water tank could be required.

Indeed, the applications for which Tuffa’s potable storage solutions are suitable include domestic, commercial, agricultural, horticultural, industrial and irrigation applications. Their suitability for such a wide range of tasks is only further increased by their manufacture from recyclable polyethylene, as well as their corrosion resistance, UV stabilisation, toughness and durability, lack of necessary maintenance, weatherproofing and incorporated sealed manway cover or inspection hatch to assist access. If a client’s most exacting requirements are not met by such a rich specifications list, then they also have the option of a ground-up bespoke system.

Irrespective of whether it is to store potable or non-potable water, a water tank from Tuffa is quick and easy to install and incorporates the right ventilation, with the top of the tank being where the access point is sited. Such high quality products and a complete service are the minimum that people should expect when they are doing business with such an established company with the impeccable reputation for development and manufacturing that Tuffa possesses.

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