Don’t make any mistakes with your choice of heating oil tank

A heating oil tank is a critically important investment for a UK household that is not coupled up to the mains gas network, providing a means by which oil can be stored on the grounds of the property, so that there is always fuel available for the home’s heating and hot water systems. Precisely because the tank plays this crucial role, the buyer must also ensure that it meets all of their practical requirements.

It helps to purchase a heating oil tank from a respected company like Tuffa, which has a strong track record in liquid storage tank development and manufacture. We offer a range of sizes of heating oil tank, in the knowledge that different sizes of property require different capacities. That’s why you can buy a tank from us in as small a capacity as 1,350 litres, or in as large a capacity as 15,000 litres, with interlinking making up to 100,000 litres possible.

A Tuffa heating oil tank also certainly offers a strong feature set, including the likes of a 2″ fill, inspection lid, manway access, clock gauge, watchman sonic, 1″ bottom outlet, lockable lid, lockable cabinet, overfill prevention valve, overfill and bund alarm and tank pack – the exact specification naturally depending on the model chosen. Optional extras like fire protection, high accuracy gauges, lighting and colour options further mark out Tuffa as a supplier that has considered every conceivable customer need.

But the biggest reason to invest in one of Tuffa’s heating oil storage solutions is surely our ability to cater for the more fundamental functional requirements that every customer will have. You will certainly want your chosen tank to comply with the UK’s current oil storage regulations, for example, and sure enough, our heating oil tanks not only meet these, but exceed them. The ‘container within a container’ bund design of our tanks minimises the possibility of financially and environmentally damaging spillage or seepage.

But Tuffa doesn’t merely claim to offer the best heating oil tank – it has the extensive portfolio of satisfied past and present oil tank clients to prove it. When you’re in the market for a tank of this type and want the peace of mind of a well-designed and manufactured, long-lasting tank that will store your heating oil in a secure and regulation compliant manner, Tuffa should be your only choice.

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