Eco Centre reap the rewards from Tuffa ‘Big Butt’

Tuffa Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Tuffa UK have donated a Rainwater Harvesting tank to The Globe Foundation’s Eco Centre & Recycling Workshop near Uttoxeter this week.

A Bramshall based community recycling project based at The Strawberry Farm Garden Centre on the outskirts of Uttoxeter features a workshop, a classroom and a shop and offers the opportunity for the local community to learn more about recycling and for elderly and isolated people to meet and garden together. They also organise teams of local litter picking volunteers.

Kate Copeland, Eco Centre’s Director of the not for profit community project relies on donations and support to run the project. Kate contacted Tuffa UK since she recognised a need for a water storage tank to irrigate the garden. Originally she wanted a small storage tank to contain the mains water that gathered in the small workshop sink.

Tuffa Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Eco Centre Director Kate Copeland at the Recycling Workshop

Rainy day savings

Marketing Executive, Charlie Goring from Tuffa takes up the story.

“Once we spoke to Kate we realised a rainwater harvesting tank would give her a much greater capacity. We visited the site at the Strawberry Farm in Bramshall and after looking at the space advised our 1350 litre tank would be the ideal fit. The building had no existing guttering, required for collecting water, so we asked our neighbours on the industrial estate Tippers to help us with the project.”

Charlie was amazed at the kindness and generosity of other local businesses and said, “Tim Cope, the Buildings Manager at Tippers Uttoxeter offered to save the day and kindly donated the guttering and downspout, and helped the project come together nicely.”

Tuffa Rainwater Harvesting Tank
Tippers Buildings Manager, Tim Cope with Charlie and the kindly donated supply of guttering

Helping the garden grow

The smallest in a collection of water storage tanks, the Tuffa 1350 litre rainwater tank measures up at just 670mm wide, ideal to be neatly concealed behind the Eco Centre’s workshop. It is supplied with a rainwater filter collector and a 240v pump with hosepipe snap connector, giving a pressurised water supply for the garden.

Tuffa’s Charlie called in a few more favours from Tuffa’s suppliers. Stoke based transport provider Diamond Freight agreed to transport and off-load the tank at the nearby Eco Centre and vinyl sticker suppliers Logo Shack, also based in The Potteries produced the plaque to go with the tank.

Tuffa Rainwater Harvesting Tank Tuffa Rainwater Harvesting Tank Tuffa Rainwater Harvesting Tank

Eco Centre Director, Kate Copeland was delighted with the support of the local business community. “It’s been a great project and the benefits of the Rainwater Harvesting system are huge for us. Not only are we using a free natural resource, we are saving money and energy by not using mains water to irrigate our plants. I would like to thank Charlie and the team at Tuffa for bringing the project together.”

Get a bigger butt

If you require any advice on water storage tanks and rainwater harvesting kits then please contact us by email or online enquiry, or dial 01889 567700.

You can also find out more about The Globe Foundation Eco Centre in Uttoxeter here.

Tuffa Rainwater Harvesting Tank Tuffa Rainwater Harvesting Tank

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