Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

As part of a push to improve its infrastructure, the Slovak government have been investing heavily in its roadways by commissioning companies to construct hundreds of miles of new roads. It’s said that roads “are the arteries through which the economy pulses” and as a landlocked country Slovakia’s roads are vital for trade with its five neighbouring countries and the world beyond them. To enable construction companies to keep the country moving they need reliable fire fighting water storage tanks. Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

15,000 Litre Water Tanks on a Construction Site in Slovakia

The Hazards of Construction

Construction sites are hazardous areas with the inevitable mix of large stocks of fuel, and the heat sources and sparks which are ubiquitous around building work. With a high risk of fire and lots of fuel firefighters need access to large water sources to enable them to tackle potentially huge fires. With each fire engine holding around 4,000 litres of water, which can be used in as little as two minutes by the powerful water cannon, fire engines need large quantities of locally stored water to prevent them from becoming depleted. This is a legal requirement, an insurance stipulation, and a prudent safety measure to prevent the huge financial costs and work delays that a fire can cause. The problem is that road construction sites are often located between towns and cities in unpopulated areas where adequate water storage is unlikely.

Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

Water Storage Tanks – A Long-term Investment

Several options exist to gain onsite water storage. Groundwater storage involves boring a hole into the earth and extracting water from the ground. While this is viable for a permanent site, for a temporary site it’s far too costly and laborious. Water storage tanks are a more cost-effective option and require little or no preparation to work. They are also a long-term investment as plastic tanks are transportable and can be used on different sites and jobs. With a serviceable life in excess of 20 years, our plastic water tanks will see a lot of use.

Why Tuffa?

Martin is one of Slovakia’s leading experts in bulk liquid storage and for the past six years has been a devout Tuffa customer, supplying companies all over Slovakia with Tuffa tanks. However, at a distance of nearly 1,300 miles, crossing the North Sea and travelling through seven countries, Tuffa Tanks in Uttoxeter, England is not the obvious go-to manufacturer when you’re in Slovakia. We asked Martin: “With cheaper storage tanks readily available closer to your location in Central Europe, what makes you come back to Tuffa Tanks?”

I do buy some of the smaller tanks from continental Europe. However, you can’t find large tanks with a capacity of 6,000 litres or more. Buying storage tanks from the UK also guarantees me a high quality product. I’ve tried a few tanks from manufacturers across the UK and I’ve always been most impressed with Tuffa. The Sales team has a great ability to understand exactly what I need and can spec the tanks to my customers’ requirements. A large storage tank is a big investment and at such a distance I can’t afford to return an incorrectly manufactured tank. As a distributor in a very competitive country getting the right tank will grow my reputation whilst getting it wrong will really damage my relationship with my customers. I’d rather pay the extra delivery costs to get a premium tank and keep my customers happy.

Fire Fighting Water Storage Tanks

After a conversation with Dee from Tuffa’s Sales Support Team, Martin decided that five 15,000 litre plastic water tanks totalling an impressive 75,000 litres is the most cost-effective solution for his storage needs. While we can manufacture a single steel tank with a 75,000 litre capacity, purchasing 5 individual plastic tanks is a cheaper solution and makes transport easier. By interlinking the 5 tanks on-site they function as a single tank, allowing the fire engines to extract the whole 75,000 litre water capacity from an outlet on one of the tanks.

Water Relief

A month after the long migration from Uttoxeter to Slovakia and the tanks were delivered onsite and interlinked within two hours. To fill the tanks with water several giant water tankers have made their way over the newly laid asphalt and pumped the Tuffa tanks full with 75,000 litres of water. A “dry run” has been completed to confirm the fire engines can quickly extract the water and everything has been signed off. Hopefully there will never be a need for the Tuffa water tanks. However, if there is a fire on this site, or any site where the Tuffa water tanks reside, then they will be ready to extinguish the fire and significantly reduce any damage or harm to people and property.

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