Fruit Farm Diesel Tank Installation

Having on-site diesel storage facilities is often essential around the farm. With huge farming equipment such as tractors and harvesters working around the clock, fuel consumption is particularly high in the agricultural industry. As well as making substantial savings by bulk-buying diesel, it’s often too impractical for most farmers to use commercial petrol stations. Farm diesel tanks offer quick and convenient fill-points around the farm. Additionally, farming vehicles benefit from using red diesel which is taxed less and therefore cheaper to buy but simply isn’t road legal. This makes on-site diesel storage common practice on the farm.

One company that relies on onsite diesel storage more than most is the fruit farm specialists in Kent. Tony Pointer, the farm’s Agricultural Operations Manager, explained how they needed a comprehensive fuel storage and dispensing system to efficiently manage the land.

We have 2,200 acres of land used for pears, plums, apples, cherries, arable cropping and sheep. Vehicles are usually needed to farm in teams. When a combine harvester goes into the fields it will typically be accompanied by supporting vehicles such as a tractor and trailer. With a new fuelling system we can save time by refuelling simultaneously and go into the fields together.

Tony Pointer, Agricultural Operations Manager
agricultural fuel tank

Fruit Farm Diesel Tank -Requirements

Tony requested a 13,000 litre steel diesel tank with bespoke dimensions to fit into the existing fuel compound used to service the expanding fleet of combines, tractors and sprayers. A 13,000 litre capacity was specified to allow the farm to bulk-buy 10,000 litres of diesel at a time while leaving up to 3,000 litres left in the tank between fills. Although our diesel tanks usually come fit with dispensing equipment, in this case it was not necessary as the fuel compound already had ducts for pumping fuel from the adjacent 35,000 litre red diesel tank. Instead, we fabricated a storage only diesel tank with a small custom cabinet to house the fill point and OLE gauge.

farm diesel tank

As well as adding white diesel storage to the compound, Tony also enlisted the help of Adam Buxton from Fast Fuel Services to install three High-Tech fuel dispensers. With one pump dispensing white diesel and two pumps dispensing red diesel the mini forecourt will increase efficiency around the farm.

farm fuel tanks
Two red diesel and one white diesel pump with fuel management system

Red, White and AdBlue

With an ever-increasing focus on reducing vehicles’ emissions AdBlue isn’t just for haulage or domestic vehicles anymore. Tony explained that the farm’s new 2019 combines and tractors now require AdBlue making an AdBlue dispensing tank another essential farm component. With the addition of a 2,500 litre Tuffa AdBlue tank with dispensing equipment the fruit farm now has enough onsite fuel storage to be self-sufficient for months at a time.

farm adblue tank
A bespoke 13,000 litre steel bunded diesel tank and a 2,500 litre AdBlue tank leaving the Tuffa yard

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