Full steam ahead for new railway diesel fuel station

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Case Study

Tuffa UK was chosen to manufacture a bespoke tank for the rail sector for service and maintenance  specialists, Technical Engineering Compliance (2010) Ltd.

TEC (2010) Ltd specialises in the supply, repair, maintenance and servicing of machinery and equipment to ensure compliance with relevant insurance and H & S requirements. Established in April 2010, TEC (2010) Ltd has grown rapidly after securing several substantial contracts with major international companies in the Rail and Chemical industries.

TEC (2010) Ltd are working with an existing rail client carrying out service and maintenance on all their equipment for servicing the engines. This included maintaining all fuel, oil, lubricants, waste oil, cooling and washing equipment. The engine would come into a “bogie drop” where the drive train, gearbox and coolant could be checked, serviced and maintained. In addition to the work they were carrying out, their client also requested that the engines’ fuel tanks were to be inspected and cleaned.

The Problem – a small footprint

In order to carry out the fuel tank inspections, a bunded diesel storage tank was required to drain the fuel from the engines’ tanks. Chris Warwick of TEC (2010) Ltd explained: “Part of our job in servicing and maintaining the engines is to ensure that they run to optimum performance and efficiency. We need to drain the engines’ fuel tanks, check for potential problems like “diesel bloom”, where spores or bacteria may have formed at the bottom of the fuel tank. We also need to perform routine maintenance on the filter and check that the tank doesn’t become clogged,” he said.

“We required a diesel storage tank to drain the fuel tanks into, but the only available space to site the tank was in a very tight 2m sq. space. Each engine has three 2,500 litre fuel tanks on board, so we also required a fuel storage capacity of 7,500 litres. This meant we required a specific size and capacity meaning we would have to commission a one-off “tailor-made” bespoke fuel tank,” he added.

The Solution –a Tuffa bespoke tank

Chris and the team at TEC (2010) Ltd researched bespoke tanks and diesel steel tank manufacturers and found Tuffa’s website. The next step was a phone call to Dee Barcroft on the Tuffa Tanks sales team. Dee found the right solution for TEC (2010) Ltd on the first call. “Chris told us the capacity he required and the available space for the tank, and together with our production team we specified a bespoke steel diesel storage tank,” Dee said. “Based on the footprint for the tank, we designed a unique steel bunded diesel tank measuring 2m square. To allow for the specified 7,500 litre diesel storage capacity, this bespoke tank was specified to be 2.8m high.”

Tuffa 7500 bespoke tank 1

In addition to the tank’s specific dimensions, the tank featured further bespoke features. Dee Barcroft again: “Normally we would fit a cabinet to the front of the tank, but because the space was so tight, a 240-volt bund and overfill device together with a hydrostatic contents gauge were located on the front of the bespoke tank. We recommended some additional weather protection and a drip tray to protect the local environment from minor drips and spills. The 2” drop fill went up from the centre of the tank and an overfill protection valve was fitted on the top, with a 2” BSP bottom outlet to drain the storage tank,” she added.

The Benefits – a First Class service

Chris Warwick is delighted with the service he received from Dee and the Tuffa crew, and is looking forward to providing a first class service and maintenance programme for his client. “Tuffa understood our specific requirements and designed a tank to meet our exact needs,” he said. “They incorporated a number of features into the design to assist with our servicing and maintenance of the engines. Thanks to Tuffa, we’re running efficiently – and so are our clients’ engines.”

Tuffa 7500 bespoke tank 2

If you have a requirement for a tailor-made bespoke tank to meet your exact requirements for a specific use, please call Dee, Amy or Mike on 01889 567700 or contact us here to find out more.

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