Have You Secured Your Oil Tanks?

Oil Tanks Targeted By Thieves

The police in North Devon recently released details about oil tanks that were being targeted by thieves in the area.  The announcement came after hundreds of litres were stolen from home heating tanks and in order to prevent more thefts the police provided some advice on how to secure the tanks and property where oil is housed.

Use Lockable Storage

If you store oil for any reason you must ensure that it is kept securely to help prevent thieves from gaining access to it.  When you order the oil make sure you make a record of the amount  in the tank so you are able to assess if any has gone missing. An electronic level gauge is particularly useful to check the new levels each time you use the oil inside and remember to make a note of the new amounts and remember to check the levels are consistent with your records each time you return to the tank. Any of the storage tanks used need to have the ability to be secured using a padlock or have a lockable cabinet. It’s also a good idea to use some form of security lighting in the same location and if you can afford CCTV the police also recommended having this in place so that the cameras can overlook the yard, outbuildings and the oil tanks.

We have a range of oil tanks that are able to be secured using locks. You can choose from the economy range with the lockable hinged flip lit to the large bunded tanks with the fully lockable cabinets prevent access to all of the equipment. For more information about the availability of secure lockable tanks please contact our team for more information by calling 01889 567700.

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