High Spec 8000L Bunded Steel Tank for Busy Mariner

Tuffa 8000 Bunded Steel Tank

An 8000 litre tank has been manufactured and dispatched to a busy mariner in Essex this month, and as such the tank required finishing in a marine paint that the client requested to be in a White/Grey colour.

The initial enquiry consisted of several items required for the unit, including the fitment of various pieces of free issue equipment; hence why the customer came to Tuffa since they knew that we were more than happy to assist with the manufacture of such a bespoke/customised system.

This steel bunded tank was manufactured to dimensions 2.5m x 2m x 2m and included a 900mm deep walk in cabinet with roller shutter security door.

Once manufactured, the tank was delivered with a hiab off-load facility that enabled the tank to be easily lifted off and placed in to its final position ready for first use. Tuffa were more than obliging to take away the existing unwanted two 10000 litre tanks too.

Our standard range of Tuffa Steel Tanks are listed on our website, but do remember that Tuffa Tanks are customisable and we can manufacture whatever you need, in whatever shape or size.

Tuffa 8000 Bunded Steel Tank Tuffa 8000 Bunded Steel Tank Tuffa 8000 Bunded Steel Tank

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