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As one of England’s top 100 golf courses Northamptonshire County Golf Club is well above par (or below par if you’re using golf terminology). For those of us more accustomed to crazy golf it’s hard to imagine the demanding maintenance a real golf course needs. Northamptonshire County Golf Course consists of 100 acres of grass, trees and shrubs which makes up the main golfing area. This requires constant and fastidious attention to ensure playing conditions are perfect. On top of that, the club has a further 110 acres of woodland and meadows which makes up the course ‘scenery’ and requires minimal maintenance.

Rob Hay is the Course Manager and it’s his job to ensure the course is in excellent condition. This role includes using the Club’s budget to purchase high-quality and reliable machinery and equipment to ensure the upkeep of the course. An essential aspect of this upkeep is onsite petrol storage and dispensing. As Rob elaborates:

Maintaining a golf course takes loads of equipment from utility vehicles for carrying equipment and personnel, to ride on mowers, and even handheld equipment like strimmers, blowers and hand mowers. All of these things run off petrol. Having a petrol tank onsite offers much more convenience than getting our fuel from a forecourt which simply wouldn’t be feasible.

Rob Hay, Northamptonshire County Golf Club Course Manager
bunded petrol tank
975 Litre Petrol Tank with Cabinet Housing Pump & Flow Meter

Rob explained that their previous petrol storage tank had been in service for over 15 years and required replacing. His criteria was finding a compliant, reliable petrol storage tank for quick and efficient dispensing and in a similar capacity and footprint as their old 900 litre tank. The Course Manager admitted that during his research he was surprised by how few tank manufacturers made petrol tanks. However, he was impressed with Tuffa’s petrol tank range which fit his criteria well. Rob chose the Tuffa 975 litre Petrol Tank with a 12 volt pump and mechanical meter housed in a cabinet. Like all Tuffa’s petrol tanks, and in accordance with the Blue book guidelines and DSEAR (Dangerous substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations), this is a fire proofed, steel fabricated and bunded tank providing safe and secure static petrol storage. As the site for the petrol tank didn’t have mains electricity our 12V pump was chosen to power the dispenser directly from the workers’ utility vehicles.

Shortly after the petrol tank was ordered, the UK went into lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. On March 31st Northampton County Golf Course shut their doors to the public. After seven weeks of isolation for most of the country, Boris Johnson announced a slight easing of the lockdown restrictions including allowing golf courses to reopen. As one of few permissible sports and leisure activities, the club reopened to a huge influx of applications for memberships all hoping to find solace in the greens.

With an influx of members and lost time to make up for it was vital to ensure the premium course was in top form. Of course, the most important thing for any golf club is the quality of the course (at least when the clubhouse and bar are closed). Fortunately, the Tuffa petrol tank was delivered and installed in a ‘surprisingly quick and simple process’. The tank is now being used to help power the club’s machinery and equipment and will help to ensure the course stays in England’s top 100. With the busy season upon us the Tuffa petrol tank is just one small but significant tool which will keep the course running and contribute to Northamptonshire County Golf Club recuperating some of the losses we’ve all suffered from lockdown.

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