How Tuffa can address your every need from a domestic heating oil tank

A heating oil tank is nothing less than an essential purchase for many of those households that are not coupled up to the UK’s mains gas network, and that therefore require a means of storing oil on their own property’s grounds. This oil is used by such households as fuel to heat water, for both their hot water systems and the general heating of their property.

However, there is a list of important practical, financial and even legal requirements that such homeowners will need to consider in choosing a heating oil tank. The tank that you buy will need to be not only well-priced, but also capable of lasting for many years with minimal maintenance. Much deliberation is required in selecting a tank that is suitable for your home, not just in terms of the finer specification, but also size.

It is recommended to allow an oil capacity of around 500 litres for each of your home’s bedrooms, meaning that a two bedroom property will require a tank with a minimum 1,000 litre capacity, a three bedroom home at least 1,500 litres and so on. By choosing the right capacity of tank, you will be able to store as much as is needed to take advantage of the lower prices for fuel that tend to occur in the summer, the time of lowest demand.

Take a look at the current heating oil tank range here at Tuffa to discover the full breadth of possibilities. If this is your first time making such a purchase for your home, you may not have expected to be able to choose from capacities as low as 1,350 litres, or as high as 15,000 litres. Nor may you have been aware of such available optional extras as fire protection, high accuracy gauges or custom outlet positioning.

Such is our commitment to providing you with a heating oil tank that meets your most specific demands, that there are even various colour and high security options. Our bunded heating oil tanks meet all conceivable functional requirements, their specification encompassing the likes of an inspection lid, manway access, lockable cabinet and overfill prevention valve, depending on the exact choice of model. They also comply with all current UK oil storage regulations.

Whether you require a heating oil tank for a domestic, commercial or agricultural application, as well as for a new build or existing building, you can have the utmost peace of mind when you buy yours from Tuffa.

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