It’s never too early to invest in a rainwater harvesting tank

Water usage is becoming more and more regulated, but people still need to keep their lawns looking fresh and their flowers in bloom, so buying a rainwater harvesting tank is becoming an increasingly popular idea throughout the nation.

After all, as soon as the installation has taken place, you can simply sit back and watch the upcoming rainy days fill your unit with a reliable supply of water that might otherwise have been wasted. When the droughts and inevitable hosepipe bans finally hit, you’ll be able to enjoy the summer sun without having to worry about keeping your garden watered – you’ll have everything that you need in your own rainwater harvesting tank.

Tuffa supplies a number of these systems for a variety of customers. While we enjoy the infrastructure and know-how to meet the demands of large commercial systems, many of our clients only require domestic rainwater storage solutions. These simply see the rainwater that falls on your property being collected in a central point, then filtered into the storage tank itself. The water is then retrieved when needed, using a high quality submersible pump.

We’ve found that most customers prefer a below ground system, but we understand that these are sometimes impractical or unwanted, so we also offer above ground versions that can hold between 1,350 and 20,500 litres of rainwater.

If you’re interested in investing in one of our rainwater collection systems for the coming summer, feel free to contact one of the team at Tuffa today. Our expert sales staff will take the size of your property into account, as well as the average rainfall that your area experiences, and finally the intended use of the unit itself. This is necessary to ensure that we don’t supply an oversized tank, which could result in low quality water.

Once we have all of those details in place, we’ll be able to advise you on the appropriate system and see that you get your unit ordered and installed as quickly as possible. Summer might seem like a long way off, but you’ll want to have the tank in place to make sure a good supply of water has been accumulated.



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