Liquid Storage Tanks

Tuffa Liquid Storage Tanks

There are many types of liquid storage tanks that you could decide to purchase.

Domestic Liquid Storage Tanks

Depending on your requirements we supply domestic and commercial options.

First of all, fire protected, bunded, domestic tanks are available.  We also produce rainwater harvesting tanks and heating oil liquid storage solutions for domestic customers.

You can choose from plastic or steel versions.  In fact, any tank is available for a domestic customer but the more common uses are above.

Single skin tanks

An economical solution for storage of home heating oil at above ground oil storage installations, at single family dwellings.

Commercial Liquid Storage Tanks

Furthermore we have a vast range of commercial liquid storage tanks including:

Oil Tanks

Especially relevant, Tuffa’s bunded heating oil tanks exceed all current UK storage regulations thus ensuring legal compliance for your business.  Renowned for strength, reliability and quality, they are suitable for commercial and domestic use.  Also these tanks safeguard the property against spills.

Fire protected tanks

We offer fire protected storage solutions suitable for domestic or commercial storage.  This allows you to install your tank inside, therefore benefiting security.

Multi compartment tanks

Dual compartment tanks are available.  These can store 2 types of liquid and we can even quote triple compartments.

Fuel dispensing tanks

Another solution is fuel dispensing tanks. You would require a hard standing base and an electrical connection.  Here at Tuffa we manufacture these tanks for the safe, secure and responsible storage of diesel.  As a result Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial sectors typically have these type of fuel storage requirements.

Waste oil storage

This liquid needs to be stored in a safe, secure container so a bunded construction gives integral protection from leakage and overfilling.  Solutions from us are corrosion resistant and UV stabilised, giving you peace of mind.

Water tanks

In addition we produce water tanks.  Our plastic liquid storage tanks can be a rotationally moulded, above the ground tank.  Our water tanks are renowned for strength and durability and are also available to you in non potable and potable versions, in plastic or steel.

Molasses tanks

As a high density product there is a requirement for a solution that can cope with this.  Our molasses tanks are manufactured with a thicker wall, so consequently are better suited to store this higher density product.

Adblue storage and dispensing tanks

Ideal for storing larger quantities of Adblue.  The temperature should not fall below -11 degrees Celsius and no foreign objects should come into contact with the fluid.

Chemical Storage

Can house a range of chemicals including de-icer – ideal for the aviation industry.  Tuffa UK offer tailor made chemical tanks for the particular storage characteristics of the product. So this takes into account chemical resistance, temperature requirements and site conditions.

Steel products

These solutions need to have a minimum 110% bund capacity to comply with regulations.  A new bespoke tank is ideal to suit a client’s specification.

Petrol tanks

These can be small capacity Caddy units or larger static units in steel.

Most of all there are a multitude of uses for our commercial liquid storage solutions.  In addition, we offer a bespoke service where we can discuss your requirements and build to your specification.

Finally, if you wish to find out more information please call 01889 567700, email [email protected] or fill in this form and we will get back to you.


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