Make Tuffa Your First Choice for a Bunded Heating Oil Tank

Heating oil is undoubtedly dispensable to a great number of people in the United Kingdom, with some 1.5 million Britons estimated to be using oil for their home heating. Certainly, if you require heating oil, you are most likely to be using it to heat an indoor space, making use of furnaces and boilers for the burning of the oil, which generates heat. Radiators, or a combination of heat exchanges and fans, are then used for the radiation of that heat into the air. But what if the time has come for you to purchase new fuel tanks, and why should you do so from Tuffa?

Aside from our lofty reputation for the development, design and manufacture of fuel tanks, there is – of course – the bunded tanks themselves to consider. You might have previous familiarity with single skin tanks, and just as much familiarity with them eventually splitting. That is why most heating oil tanks these days are plastic bunded tanks, rather than steel. Single skin plastic models and steel tanks alike are susceptible to splitting or weather damage, which makes them an environmental risk. This led to the Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) Regulations coming into effect in the UK in March 2011.

Those regulations state that at all relevant oil tank installations where more than 200 litres of oil need to be stored, a secondary containment system – otherwise known as a bund – must be incorporated. The law dictated that all new tank installations had to be in compliance with the regulations by 20th September 2011. The easy way to define a bund is that it is the structure surrounding your tank, designed to prevent environmental pollution in the event of any accidental leakage or spillage of the contents. In heating oil tanks, it equates to a ‘tank within a tank’ design.

Ensuring that your fuel tanks for heating oil are bunded is important on a number of levels – such as in preventing the oil spill that it could cost you thousands of pounds to clean up, bearing in mind as well that a domestic oil spill is not covered by most home insurance policies. But there are so many other aspects of the bunded heating oil tanks of Tuffa that help to make them such a strong choice for all manner of domestic, agricultural, commercial and industrial applications.

Such qualities include the compliance of these fuel tanks with the Environment Agency guidelines, as well as their manufacture to the highest specifications. Available sizes range from 1350L to 15000L, with interlinking a possibility up to 100,000 litres. Exact specifications vary across the product range in line with varying individual requirements, incorporating the likes of a clock gauge and lockable hinged flip lid on lower capacity models, and a contents gauge and overfill prevention valve in the case of the range-toppers. It all helps to make Tuffa the logical choice for those requiring the best-built and designed heating oil tanks.

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