New Tuffa Fire-Protected Oil Tank installed by Craggs Energy

Tuffa UK has partnered with Craggs Energy to supply a domestic fire-protected heating oil tank to a beautiful but remote rural location in Lancashire.

Mr and Mrs Anderson from Burnley had their heating oil supplied to a single skin tank by Craggs Energy. As the tank is quite old, Craggs’s tanker driver advised the couple that they could be at risk of a potentially expensive spill if the old tank split or developed a leak.

Polluter pays

The legal position regarding leaks and spills places the responsibility for safe storage with the property and tank owner. The following is taken from a Press Release titled “Does your oil tank leak?” on the UK Government’s website:

The Environment Agency urges people to check their oil tanks to protect the environment and reduce the risk of potentially large financial losses.

Leaked oil can end up in drains, many of which lead directly to rivers, streams, lakes and even garden ponds, having the same effect as pouring it directly into the watercourse.

Oil is poisonous to fish and other wildlife and smothers plants and just 2 litres of oil could seriously pollute the volume of fresh water needed to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Senior Environment Officer Jamie Fairfull said:

“Heating oil can cause serious problems if it gets into the environment. But it’s not just the cost of losing the oil that can be expensive, clean-up costs can be large and are not always covered by household insurance policies.

“This is why it is vital that oil is only ever stored in tanks that are in good condition. Both the tank and pipe work should be regularly inspected and people should never buy more oil than they can safely store.”

The couple requested one of Craggs Energy’s Home Visits, which entailed a site inspection and free report. Craggs recommended replacing the old single skin tank with a new Tuffa bunded fire-protected oil tank. The “bund” helps to prevent any spillage or leak, even from accidental overfilling. The inner tank is placed within an outer “bund” which is produced at a minimum of 110% of the tank’s capacity. The bund catches any spill complying with all regulations on Secondary Containment.

Craggs collected the 2,500 litre tank from Tuffa’s factory

Tuffa has developed a unique patented fire-protected material that is integrally factory-fitted to the tank, with either 30 or 60 minutes fire-protection available. In addition to the safety aspect, a further benefit is that the tank can be located adjacent to a property or within a garage or outbuilding without the need for a firewall or additional brick work. All Tuffa fire-protected tanks are delivered with Local Authority Building Control (LABC) certification.

Craggs opted to collect the 2,500 litre tank direct from Tuffa’s factory. The tank is small and light enough to be transported on a flat-bed truck.

Out with the old

Craggs drained the existing tank into an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) before replacing it with the new 2500 litre bunded fire-protected oil tank. They re-filled the new tank with the stored oil and an additional oil supply leaving the couple with a full tank of fuel.

The entire process was completed in a day with the new tank being safer and cleaner providing the couple with the peace of mind that they would not be facing a potentially expensive clean-up bill after a spill. Most insurers now don’t cover policy holders for a spill from a single skin tank or a tank more than 15 years old.

Mr and Mrs Anderson were delighted with the tank and the service from Craggs Energy. “Craggs Energy provided a great service for us,” said Mr Anderson. “They advised us of the best options and we’re very pleased with the Tuffa bunded fire-protected oil tank. The changeover was an efficient process and they did a really tidy, professional job. We’re delighted that the tank was replaced and re-fuelled in the same day with minimum inconvenience to us,” he added.

To find out more about fire-protected tanks or arrange a Home Visit from Craggs Energy, call Dee, Amy or Mike in our sales team on 01889 567700,  contact Tuffa UK here or visit

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