Why Rainwater Harvesting is Important in Spring


Now that we are out of the winter months, our attentions are beginning to turn towards the garden. Anyone with a rainwater harvesting tank has an immediate advantage.

Rainwater harvesting tanks are an environmentally friendly solution to cutting costs. Instead of turning the taps on and upping your water usage considerably when tending to your garden, a water storage tank keeps a free supply ready to use.

Already Feeling the Benefit

Anyone who has had a rainwater harvesting tank installed over winter will now be feeling the benefit of enduring the wet and cold weather. The tank will be filled to the brim with water that can be used for plants in the garden. Not only will storage tanks be beneficial for those looking to get muddy this spring, tanks are widely used in agricultural settings such as farms with acres of land filled with growing crops.

With the cost of water continuously rising and hosepipe bans brought into effect in areas that see a lower amount of rainfall, rainwater harvesting tanks ensure that you do not fall victim.

Installing a Storage Tank Ready for Summer

Now is the best time to install a rainwater harvesting tank in preparation for the summer. While the weather is most certainly better in spring, rainfall is still very common (which, admittedly, is true for any time of the year in the UK) and provides ample opportunity to get a headstart on filling your tank ahead of summer.

Not only does harvesting rainwater save you money in the long-run, using natural rainwater instead of tap water is much better for plants. This is due to the balanced pH of rainwater and the absence of chemicals such as chlorine, which can be found in tap water.

Other Uses for Storage Tanks

As well as for harvesting rainwater, storage tanks can be used to keep stock of a variety of substances. Agricultural settings and other businesses with vehicles use tanks as a means of storing petrol and diesel – not only does this save money by avoiding rising fuel prices, it also saves time travelling to and waiting at petrol stations.

Storage tanks manufactured by Tuffa do not have to be used exclusively to store liquid, with tanks used as garden sheds, dog kennels and for dry food storage.

For more information on our rainwater harvesting tanks and alternative uses for our storage tanks, please call our team on 01889 567700.

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