Seafari Adventures invest in 3000L Petrol Tank

Seafari Adventures - Tuffa 3000 Petrol Tank
We have recently supplied a 3000 litre petrol tank to a Scotland tour operator company. Here, Tony Hill at Seafari Adventures explains more:
“Seafari Adventures based on the west coast of Scotland are a leading marine wildlife tour operator. All vessels have twin or triple 300hp petrol outboard engines and are built for purpose. Boat tours visit ‘The Gulf of Corryvreckan, home of the World’s Third Largest Whirlpool) whilst the commercial side of the business provides safe passenger transport to agencies such as Northern Lighthouse Board and Marine Scotland Fisheries Protection. On a busy day in the height of the summer the daily petrol requirement is in excess of 1200 litres. An instant supply of petrol can be required should a lighthouse require immediate repair. With the nearest petrol station 16 miles away every 320 litre load transported by trailer took 2 hours. It was a full time job for one member of staff.
Investing in a 3,000 litre Tuffa Petrol Tank was the sensible option for Seafari. Delivery of fuel by tanker 3 times a week is safer, greener and more efficient for the company. Consideration to the tank site had to include the sensitive issues of their location. This is an excellent example where conservation issues have not hampered business development.”
“Our situation is not the ‘run of the mill’ so hopefully others may think that is feasible for their operation.”

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